A Guide to your Arctic Adventure

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Looking for a romantic getaway snuggling in front of a fire in a cosy log cabin? Want a honeymoon with a touch of winter magic? Embarking on an Arctic adventure is the perfect choice for once in a lifetime experiences, and who better to share the adventure with than your partner in crime. Take a look at our inspiration below to help handcraft the honeymoon of your dreams.


The Northern Lights

With a clear cold night this natural phenomenon is a sight you must see, and any opportunity to view them should be taken. The most visible activity is from late September to late March, and you’ll find they’re frequently seen in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Alaska, Greenland and Iceland. There are plenty of companies and hotels that offer excursions to follow the aurora borealis, so you may find yourself skirting the landscape onboard a snowmobile to a frozen lake, or camping out in a glass-topped igloo under the stars.


Follow the online aurora service for the most accurate predictions every 15 minutes on visibility and location.

Arctic Wildlife Tours

Seeing animals in their natural habitat is always a heart-warming experience, and where better to get some incredible photographs than the snowy tundras of the Arctic. Book yourself on a tour - specific ones are available depending on what you want to see. You may be lucky enough to find arctic foxes, narwhal, whales or even polar bears; by far the most sought after. The best time for polar bear watching is during late July to early August, when the ice caps have retreated enough to allow ships through to the northern and eastern coasts of northern Canada, Greenland and Spitsbergen in northern Norway. Just don’t forget your camera!

Glacial Lagoons

Who knows how long these natural lagoons will be around with global warming a constant threat. Ever-changing and natural beauty at its finest. The Jökulsárlón Lagoon in Iceland is highly recommended by visitors and perfectly viewed on a guided boat tour.



The perfect place for such an activity, don’t you think? A lot of people choose to go skiing purely for the incredible mountain views, and with the resorts hosting everything you need from places to stay, traditional food and drink as well as other excursions, it seems like a natural choice. Head to the most northerly ski resort of Riksgränsen for some great off-piste exploration opportunities, plus a heli-drop zone the size of the Netherlands!

These four activities will easily fill up a week’s getaway, so now you just need to decide how long you want your honeymoon to last.



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