Honeymoon Tips: Where Do We Start?

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Keeping on top of wedding planning is a feat in itself, and now you’re supposed to arrange an unforgettable honeymoon that you can wow all your friends and family with on social media! Well, fear not - we’ve collated some of our top tips for getting you started on your honeymoon planning with no stress in sight.


Set yourself a budget

Number one and most important - set yourself a budget and stick to it. It’s easy to get carried away when looking at honeymoons but setting a budget will mean you make the most of your time away. Make sure your budget includes some ‘treat’ money - have a romantic dinner, book that couples massage! It is your honeymoon, after all.


If your budget doesn’t stretch as far as you’d like, why not set up a honeymoon gift list to help you fulfill your newlywed dreams. You could simply ask your guests for money towards your honeymoon (a very popular option nowadays), or select a website where you can set up a wishlist. Your wishlist can include anything from champagne on arrival, upgrades on your flight or an exciting excursion in a hot air balloon. The choice is yours!


Remember it’s about what you want

Fancy trekking the mountains of Bali? Want to relax in a private pool in Italy? Or would you rather head to Glastonbury and party the weekend away? It’s up to you! Remember, what your friends enjoy doing may not be what you want to do. Many couples perhaps can’t take two weeks away from work or have young children they don’t want to leave for that long. Why not organise a mini-moon instead for your post-wedding escape?


Wherever you’re thinking of heading, check out the seasonal forecast. Whilst you can get some amazing deals in Mexico during hurricane season, you may not want to risk bad weather. Remember, your honeymoon doesn’t have to be directly after your wedding - people are breaking away from traditions and so can you.


Holiday brochures are a great place to start to give you some inspiration, but team it with searching online so you can find the best deal for you. Reviews and blogs are a brilliant source of real experiences. Chat to your friends and see if they have any recommendations - the hidden gems are usually the ones that aren’t so heavily advertised.


Tell everyone it’s your honeymoon

You may dread the ‘H’ word being brought up, or perhaps think that by mentioning it will mean suppliers will start upping their prices, but this generally isn’t the case. Doors will be opened for you - tell everyone! You may get champagne on arrival at your hotel, flight upgrades, candlelit dinners…


Check your paperwork

If you’re planning on changing your name, ensure your travel documents are all booked under that name. Equally if you’re sticking to your original name, it’s a great chance to tell everyone that you just got married!


Also, get that travel insurance sorted. Though the likelihood of things going wrong may be slim, baggage can be lost, volcanoes can erupt...put your mind at ease to cover all eventualities.


And most of all…


Remember, it’s just a holiday. Don’t let the pressure get to you. You have a lifetime to enjoy each other’s company and travel the world together. Treasure every moment


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