Top 5 reasons and areas to marry in Greece

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Greece has been many times voted and awarded as one of the most popular and unique destinations worldwide for a destination wedding and honeymoon.


We at NAIDO, being specialist destination wedding consultants and curators and offering a wide network of venues (hotels, villas, event venues, beach locations) and hand-picked vendors to the couples to choose from on their own, through a package, or concierge type, feel no surprise about this fact.


The reason is that a destination wedding in Greece offers the following:

  • Many locations to choose from, each with its distinctive characteristics and advantages, yet all catering for all sizes of groups and budgets.
  • Astonishing views and bedazzling sea side venues
  • World-famous cuisine that will make you want your dinner reception to last for hours
  • Hospitality oriented mindset which will make you feel comfortable and pampered from the first moment
  • Easy access from many airports, a still favorable exchange rate to the British Pound compared to the EURO, and the ability for your guests to combine their vacation in a destination full of culture, nightlife, ultra popular islands for every taste, and splendid sceneries under the sun and next to the sea.

As for which location to choose? Although Greece offers numerous options, the five most popular ones we would recommend the view first would be:

  • Santorini
    1. No words can describe the mystic beauty of this iconic island. Its sunset is famous all over the world and the views from its Caldera part will leave you speechless and amazed.
  • Mykonos
    1. This glamorous island perfectly combines the impressive nightlife and luxurious venues and hotels with a genuine Cycladic architecture and many crystalline water beaches. The true place for a “blue and white” wedding.
  • Crete
    1. Impressive resorts, endless beaches, a strong cultural identity, and warm-hearted people ready to make you feel at home. Crete is so unique as its history which goes back in the millennia.
  • Paros
    1. Great beaches, fun attitude, traditional imagery, and flexible options make this up and coming destination a hidden gem of the Greek islands.
  • Athens
    1. Who said that Athens is only the capital city of Greece? The Athenian Riviera prides itself for more than 50klm of coast line along which are found some of the most cosmopolitan venues and resorts in Greece.


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