Top tips when having a destination wedding.


Planning any wedding, let alone a destination wedding can be very stressful. This may hold particularly true when English may not be the first language of the country you are having the wedding in. Below I have outlined some important tips to try to ensure your destination wedding

  1. Hire a Planner: If you can hire a wedding planner who speaks English well and understands what you require and the budgets you are working towards, then definitely do it. The wedding planner will know the best key suppliers and vendors to use and will be able to create what you are looking for and hopefully save you money. Also make sure that you meet the planner throughout the process.
  2. Visit the Venues: Always try to view the venue before booking it. I always say to my clients that you will know the right choice the minute you see the venue and this is normally always the case.
  3. Will the wedding be legal: Before booking venue in the country you want to get married in, please ensure to check the legalities and rules with regards to getting legally married there and what type of documentation is required. In many countries it is not possible to have a legal wedding. So if this is the case you may have to do the civil wedding before arriving in the country and having a symbolic ceremony on the day.
  4. Book things in the correct order: When planning your destination wedding try not to get carried away. You need to stay focused and find the venue first and secure the date before talking about the decoration, DJ etc as your opinions may change once the venue is booked.Also check what the weather will be like when you are looking to book your wedding.
  5. Contracts: When signing the contracts with the planner or the venue always read what you are signing especially with regards to costs and cancellations. If there is not a minimum spend always book with the minimum number of guests that you think will attend as you can always add on numbers, but it is harder to take them off with a venue.
  6. Start a wedding website: Once you have decided on a venue and date, start a website with all the information about the wedding venue, including flights, hotels and continue to update it throughout the process.
  7. Questions and moaning: When booking a destination wedding be prepared for family and friends to be asking many questions and potentially for some people to moan about it not being in the UK. Remember its your day not theirs. Once your website is sorted you can direct them to your website :)
  8. Use Pintrest for Inspiration: Look on pintrest to get inspiration from the pictures available and create a pin board so when speaking to your wedding planner or suppliers they can get a greater understanding as to what you are looking for. Especially when it comes to decorations, flowers and the wedding cake.
  9. Travel ahead of guests: Always arrive in the country a few days before the wedding to make sure that everything is in order and to hopefully relax and get a little tan before the guests arrives.
  10. Insurance: Make sure you get insurance and check what is included in the. Always read the small print.


Book your destination wedding, you won’t regret it and the guests will be talking about it for years to come.


Blog by VIP Weddings Dubai


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