Why choose a destination wedding in Le Marche, Italy?

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Why choose a destination wedding in Le Marche, Italy with Italian Wedding Fairy?


If you are still thinking about the destination for your most special day, here are some tips that can help you decide…


  1. A unique experience

Your wedding is the celebration of love, happiness and eternity. There are so many ways to spend your most magical day. You have the opportunity to make your celebration original and unique, by choosing a location that most people only dream of as a holiday destination. You can make the best out of Italy and its charming beauty with the help of a professional who knows where and how to turn your dreams into reality.


  1. Variety of landscapes

Le Marche region offers a wide variety of landscapes, from curvy hills and vineyards stretching out under the sun and beautiful sandy or rocky beaches with overlooking cliffs and pine forests, to the small old rural villages where you can experience the tranquil Italian lifestyle. All these magic sceneries can become the background for your pictures. Specialized and gifted photographers will do the rest…


  1. Great Italian style

From party favors to the choice of the best wedding gown, Italy has something to offer for any budget and taste, plus our handmade products are famous worldwide. Le Marche region is especially famous for leather and shoemaking. Your stay here will become also a guided shopping tour among luxurious boutiques and craftsmen laboratories, where you will be able to select your dream fabrics and accessories.


  1. Weather

The weather is such an important factor on your wedding day. Most of our springs and summers are mild and pleasant and the weather is sunny and warm, with great light at sunsets, sunrises and throughout the day, of course the best for your wedding pics!


  1. Symbolic wedding or civil wedding

A wedding celebration abroad can be even easier to organize than one in your own country. You can choose among a religious, civil or symbolic wedding celebration. In the last two cases, we can provide a celebrant in English, Italian and Chinese. If you choose a symbolic wedding you can literally do anything you like, like getting married on the beach, on the mountains and creating your own ceremony. Is there anything more romantic?


  1. Celebrate while traveling!

Your wedding will be a holiday too, both for the two of you and for your families and friends. Plus, you can start your honeymoon right away. We have the perfect honeymoon solutions for you. Located in the centre of Italy, Le Marche region is ideal as a starting point to get anywhere around the country.


  1. Proximity to the UK

You do not need to travel too far to reach your exotic wedding location. It only takes a couple of hours to land on your wedding wonderland!


If you would like to find out more about marrying in Italy, please visit Italian Wedding Fairy on Stand A102 at The Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Show this February or contact Giulia on info@italianweddingfairy.com


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