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Photography to me, is all about people.

Weddings therefore were a natural progression, and almost an extension of me as a person.


Being a Photographer is so much more than being that person you hire to document your day.

It’s about being a story teller; and that’s how I would label my style.

I aim to create unique emotional collaborations between both myself as a Photographer, and you as a couple.

That might be the obvious shots, like the Bride and Groom having their first kiss, or it may be whilst the adults are having their sit down meal, the kids are re-enacting their own Wedding in a corner of the garden, veil, bouquet and all!


It’s those little “in between” moments that help build a broader and richer story for me to give to you when the whole day is done.

When you shoot Weddings, there’s so much more going on than just taking photographs.

I end up becoming the extra Bridesmaid you never knew you needed. For example; how I offered a Bride a piggyback over gravel so she could go to the loo, as she’d lost her shoes on the dance floor after a few too many. (But I mean come on, can you blame her? She’d just got married!) And how I always end up seemingly doing the Bride’s dress up, or attaching the veil… and then removing it at the end of the night!

I will always go out of my way to make sure that your day runs smoothly for you.


The other great love of my life (besides my dog and my fiancé, of course) is travel.

Travel of all kinds, even driving down the M4… At a push.

But more excitingly, visiting countries and soaking up the locations and cultures.

Capturing moments and events that may only appear fleetingly, but that I can immortalise forever.

Merging my love of people and their stories with travel, brought out a whole new element

to the way I work.


With Las Vegas, Iceland, Greece, the Canary Islands, the U.K and the rest of the world,

I’m finally getting to incorporate people and emotion into simply incredible locations and landscapes.


I just hope that you will take me along for the ride with you!


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